Regulatory Strategies Clients

Regulatory Strategies has undertaken assignments and strategic consultancy across its range of services for a rapidly growing number of UK, European and global organisations across all sectors.

Data Protection and GDPR compliance

“Data protection is a complex subject and to many very sleep inducive! However my dealings with Regulatory Strategies over a number of years now has been very rewarding. “Firstly their knowledge of Data Protection matters is second to none; secondly their ability to tailor their presentations and explanations to the variety of organisations from the knowledgeable to the ‘ignorant’ is impressive; and thirdly to hold people’s interest on the subject and thus impart its importance actually receiving an accolade of “thrilling” at a recent meeting organised by the Civil Court Users Association of Industry Trade Bodies, many of whom indeed knew a considerable amount about the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), says it all in my estimation.”

Anthony Sharp former Chair of the Civil Court Users Association (Central Region) and of the Money Advice Liaison Group.

“We partnered with Regulatory Strategies to ensure that we were completely compliant with DP requirements. The depth of expert knowledge provided in a pragmatic way has, through review, training and continued guidance been extremely useful across our business. “I would happily recommend Regulatory Strategies to any data business and find them an efficient, friendly and value for money partner.”

Jon Hale Chief Executive, Registry Trust Ltd

“Regulatory Strategies did an excellent job in reviewing our policies and processes. They have an unparalleled knowledge of the law and will get you compliant with both UK and EU regulation.”

Paul Richardson Risk & Governance Director, Darlington Building Society

Marketing and Data Optimisation

“Regulatory Strategies combine compliance expertise with a hugely practical and commercial approach to recommending and implementing solutions. Their business focus is refreshing and they have added significant value to both our data protection and data optimisation strategies.”

Nigel Fine CEO, The Institution of Engineering and Technology

A practical and commercial approach

“Regulatory Strategies is able to turn complex legal requirements into succinct business focused analysis. What does the client need to do and what is the best way for that particular client to do this.”

Rob Whalley Managing Director, IFM Europe Ltd

“Regulatory Strategies has been a strong partner for our business. A big strength is their ability to master a brief, however detailed the legal challenges, and quickly drive out a commercial solution, if necessary balancing risk with return. They look for ways to help their clients meet strategic objectives and add significant value to both risk assessment and business decision-making.”

Andrew Wilson Managing Partner, International Risk Partnership

“Thank you Regulatory Strategies for resolving my queries so quickly as always! Your advice really helped simplify our issue relating to Freedom of Information requests and Data Protection. I will recommend Regulatory Strategies in the future because you take the stress away from dealing with complex Data Protection compliance issues by providing straight-forward, easy to understand, practical and effective advice.”

Sally Ward Director VillageGreen, Networks

Fraud Prevention and Data Sharing

“As Regulatory Strategies points out in this first-of-its-kind report, there is a strong public interest argument for data sharing. Done the right way, sharing credit card transaction data is not only consistent with consumers’ interests – it improves consumer protection from fraud activity. “The tension between innovation and regulation is particularly evident in privacy and data protection regulations – a key topic of this report (The Challenges and Opportunities for Sharing Data to Combat Fraud: An independent report covering Europe, the US, and Canada). “Regulatory Strategies has done a spectacular job in summarising the global regulatory environment for sharing data and proposing a simplified means of navigating the complexities that arise from trans-jurisdictional compliance.”

Darryl Green Chief Governance Officer Ethoca Limited

Innovation and breaking down barriers

“Regulatory Strategies’ directors have supported Big Issue Invest in developing a ground-breaking initiative to tackle the financial, social and digital exclusion challenges faced by tenants in the social housing sector. Their technical and practical understanding of the data protection, regulatory and consumer environment has been pivotal to the success of the initiative and to securing the support of the Information Commissioner’s Office.”

Sarah Forster Deputy CEO, Big Issue Invest

Global reach

“The breadth and depth of Regulatory Strategies’ expertise and their huge credibility with government, regulators, consumer lobbies, the media and clients has contributed significantly to the enactment of the Credit Reporting Act in Jamaica.”

Lennox G. McLeod Founder & CEO, Premier Credit Ltd

Training, Presentations and Webinars

“An Excellent Webinar” “Very interesting presentation” “How very interesting yesterday’s webinar was; the hour was gone in no time and it was put across so well”

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