Regulatory Strategies Services

"Working in close partnership with our clients we are committed to providing pragmatic advice and guidance around regulatory and consumer affairs, compliance and data protection, delivering real value and solutions tailored to specific sector, geography, market and business objectives."

We offer consultancy and training in all the following areas, at a strategic level (Board / executive / senior management) and / or with your operational teams. In addition we can include ongoing support in all areas and assist in developing customer-facing materials such as web content and bespoke literature. Our service will be tailored to your needs.

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Credit data
  • Support for your customers dealing with credit reports and identity fraud
  • Authentication, fraud prevention and detection
  • Data breach and incident management

Regulatory Affairs

As well as end-to-end GDPR compliance solutions, we can offer support in the following areas:

  • UK and European regulatory analysis and risk / opportunity assessment
  • Lobbying, regulator, PR and media strategies
  • All Data Protection legislation requirements and ‘best practice’
  • Privacy statements, fair processing and customer consent clauses
  • Credit, marketing and e-commerce law and regulation
  • Credit bureau data and regulations
  • International data transfers
  • Market trends and analysis
  • Marketing and prospect / customer contact strategies
  • Database design and management
  • Policy formulation
  • Risk assessment and audit
  • Training and consultancy

Keeping you informed

As part of our service, you can subscribe to our monthly Regulatory Update report which will keep you up to date on any industry or regulatory developments that are relevant to your business. You can either receive the complete report or request a tailored version that will cover the topics of most relevance to your business.

Ongoing support

We can provide ongoing support to your business to deal with the queries around the areas we cover. This is delivered via either e-mail or telephone or both.

Credit Data

We have many years experience of dealing with credit data and can help in the following ways:

  • Data optimisation – maximising the value of the data available to you in lending decisions and scoring.
  • Training your customer facing staff or fraud investigation teams to understand the data, when it can be changed, what your obligations are in terms of legislation and industry best practice.
  • Identifying potential fraud.
  • Train the trainer packs so your own internal trainers can continue to support your team.
  • Media training and support in positioning the use of credit data in lending.

Support for your customers dealing with credit reports and identity fraud

We can provide the following services in what is the critical interface between your organisation and your customers:

  • Delivering bespoke consumer-facing materials such as web content or literature which will help your customers through any credit or fraud related problems and give them information about how to build a strong credit history.
  • We can give your customers personal, independent and informed advice about their credit report by white labelling our service for you.
  • We can support your customers if they become victims of identity fraud by helping to resolve the damage done to their credit report.

Authentication, fraud prevention and detection

We have many years of experience in using data to identify the signs of fraud and can work with you to establish that you are dealing with genuine customers - in other words the person is the person they claim to be:

  • Advising on your authentication strategy to help you avoid lending to fraudsters while not declining the genuine individual.
  • Working with you to use available data to identify the signs of fraud throughout the customer-lifecycle - not just at the point of customer acquisition.
  • Advising on how scoring can identify fraud successfully, minimising time underwriting applications.

Data breach and incident management

With data breaches becoming increasingly high profile and companies experiencing reputational damage for careless handling of data we can help:

  • Set up a robust incident management process in order for you to demonstrate due care should a data breach unfortunately ever happen.
  • Pull together a plan to react to any data breach including how to inform and support customers whose data may have been lost or even compromised.
  • Advise on preventing insider fraud and building a culture where the security of personal data is of paramount importance.
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